Our animals...

Pictures of some of The Residents!!


always hungry


Mr. Spikes



green covered


strict vegetarian



kiss of the bird


look in my eyes!





Who am I?


Oh my god!






Salt Water Crocodile


This Siam Crocs are only 3 months old


These little guy's left their eggs 4 weeks ago.


Hurry up! It's lunchtime.


This Crocodile Caiman takes a sunbath.


Look over there lads, a tasty cameraman!


My name is Pinoccio


Another pair of Saltwater Crocs

Yacare Caiman

I mostly eat eggs


I am a very poisonous viper


My name is Red-tailed Ratsnake


That's a Mouse Deer


Why did you wake me up?




My big brother is King Kong


What a pretty nose!


Gibbons in their hammock


The banana price goes up again


Hello I'm selling the tickets, special discount if you can speak Monkey!!

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